From Search Engine to Meta-Data – SEM and SEO. Discoverability Whoever tries to grasp the SEM and SEO nettle is a brave person indeed. The three major players, Google (86%) […]

Global Market

The Internet is global. Your market could be as well. There is that old story about a shoe manufacturer sending two salespeople to Africa to test the market. One came […]

Social Media – Like, Tag, Note, Comment, Rate and Feed this!

The internet is no longer the internet without social media. The busy busy social activities of individuals at the micro level, to communities at the global level. Social media has […]

Web Fonts

Getting the design right with the correct web fonts The correct representation of a font on a website as the designer intended, and the right glyphs (those quirky diacritical characters […]

CMS versus HTML

I build my websites for clients in Joomla, WordPress and HTML. I code in HTML5, CSS3 and php.