Beware the UX project from Hell: Digital Transformation

There are many types of UX projects, as many as digital products. Each has its own challenges and problems, but there is one project type that is the UX designer’s […]

The Dumbest in the Room

An essential role in UX Stumbling along my career path as a UX designer, I have arrived at its natural conclusion of being the Dumbest In The Room. It’s a […]

web and UX Dictionary

Dictionary of Webby Jargon

Below is a list of terms and gobbledygook that gets thrown about by the web-savvy and should be in your vocabulary if you are a part of the web design […]

Prototyping and wireframes

The importance of Prototyping and wire-frames. I have done many projects involving high fidelity wire-framing (usually with OmniGraffle, Sketch, Invison, or Photoshop and Illustrator.) I was working on several prototypes […]