AI and UX

Will a UX designer lose her job to AI? No — but she will lose it to the UX designer who uses AI. This adage is now well known, and […]

The Tyranny of UX

When did UX become an entitlement? Users are the worst. Don’t get me wrong, I love UX; I’ve been a UX designer for over ten years. But SOMETIMES! Today’s users […]

Beware the UX project from Hell: Digital Transformation

There are many types of UX projects, as many as digital products. Each has its own challenges and problems, but there is one project type that is the UX designer’s […]

Design Process

The Design Process

Empathize:  for example: Interviews: an in-depth method of gathering qualitative and quantitative insights through one-on-one conversations. Contextual inquiry: a semi-structured interview to obtain the context of use. Users are observed […]

The Dumbest in the Room

An essential role in UX Stumbling along my career path as a UX designer, I have arrived at its natural conclusion of being the Dumbest In The Room. It’s a […]

web and UX Dictionary

Dictionary of Webby Jargon

Below is a list of terms and gobbledygook that gets thrown about by the web-savvy and should be in your vocabulary if you are a part of the web design […]

user experience

Are User Xperienced?

New York – First of all – sorry Jimi! But what does the user experience? Does he or she find what they are looking for? Do they find more than […]

Social Media – Like, Tag, Note, Comment, Rate and Feed this!

The internet is no longer the internet without social media. The busy busy social activities of individuals at the micro level, to communities at the global level. Social media has […]

Web Fonts

Getting the design right with the correct web fonts The correct representation of a font on a website as the designer intended, and the right glyphs (those quirky diacritical characters […]