Project Work

Several projects for design and illustration.


Intranet for Metlife

Princeton Review

UX and UI development for Students and Teachers

Bank of America

My work as UX Design Lead for Bank of America was on a digital transformation project where several software packages were rationalized into one portal. This involved intense communication between […]


My UX/UI work for Quest involved rationalizing their disparate and aging technological solutions into a single portal. As with many large non-tech companies, the technology had evolved organically over the […]

graphic design portfolio


Concept design for a German Cargo Train service

World Trade Center Marketing

Developed the concept of promotional materials for the World Trade Center in Amsterdam.

graphic design portfolio


Designed the Magazine De Kring, for the society De Kring in Amsterdam.


Graphics for illustrations in Magazines


Requirements for UX for WiFi and UX research.

Oxford University Press

Working on several academic projects within the Oxford University Press portfolio.