From Search Engine to Meta-Data – SEM and SEO.


Whoever tries to grasp the SEM and SEO nettle is a brave person indeed. The three major players, Google (86%) – Yahoo (7%), and Bing (4%) pretty much cover the market, with Google being the giant that cannot be ignored. Discoverability is a science that leads to the Walhalla of increased traffic.

But SEM and SEO also include the right interpretable meta-data so that a user can find the right service from within a website. Your internal search engine is as important as Google and bing! Getting the right search results from your site’s search engine is just as important – if not more – than getting a high ranking on a search engine web page. If your search results are unclear, inaccurate, or either too broad or too limited, your precious visitors will not find what they need. It’s like mixing all the clothes sizes, types, and genders in a shop together and expecting the customer to find what he or she wants.

My experience with SEM and SEO has covered many clients and websites, and I have learned that creating accurate metadata is a science that demands attention to detail.