The internet is no longer the internet without social media. The busy busy social activities of individuals at the micro level, to communities at the global level. Social media has changed how we communicate, from friendships to revolutions. If you have anything to say about the post below, then please tag, like, note, comment, rate and put me on an activity feed.

But, hold on, what EXACTLY is social media? Those working on websites need to know what it means, especially with a legal department of a large corporation breathing down your neck. Legal needs to know if there someone who is commenting, whether that someone is known or unknown, and whether that comment is evaluative or descriptive. An anonymous “like” is a different thing than a 10 paragraph libelous rant from a colleague.

There are subtle differences between Tags, Likes and Ratings that may lead to some confusion. Each has its own uses and there is some overlap in functionality.

Basically it can be described as follows

Tags and Notes are descriptive and evaluative labels and comments that the reader inputs to describe to himself and others the quality and/or type of content of a document. With the Tags and Notes feature, it is possible to “tag” a document and make a “note.” The Tag is simply a flagging of a document. The tag can have a descriptive label. It is possible to see who else has tagged the document, follow the tag as an interest or even add it as a responsibility. The notation is public. A user can search for tags.

A Note is a notation or description that you can add to a document, either as a reminder or a review or a general note that do you do not want to place within the document, but as a notation of the document. The notation is public.

The tagger is known.

Like is a non-descriptive, non evaluative label that can be used by a worker to track documents, usually in a favorites list for personal consumption.

Unlike Tags and Notes, a Like is a simple, non-descriptive “appreciation” of the content of a document or site. By “liking” a document, the contents can be valued from a group perspective. Also, documents that you have liked can be found in a list (for example under your Tags and Likes tab). This can function as a favorites list. The liker is anonymous.

Ratings are a non-descriptive, evaluative label intended to grade documents for general consumption. Unlike Tags and Notes and Likes, a Review is a evaluative label of the quality of a document. Usually from 0 to 5 stars. The valuation is subjective and non-descriptive and based on the readers input. One can search for and choose to read documents based on its rating. The rater is anonymous

Ask me about is a function which states expertise. This is content that is provided by the individual.

Activity feed is a “tweet” like function that shows recent activity inputted by the user.